Inertia Bases

We offer a wide range of bespoke products and standard Inertia Bases.

Standard Size Inertia Bases with matching AV Mounts

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Width (mm): 600
Length (mm): 600
Depth (mm): 100

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Bespoke Inertia Bases with matching AV mounts

Air Handling Components range of matched inertia bases complete with open spring anti-vibration mountings to vibration isolate rotating and oscillating masses such as: - pumps, generators, chillers, condensing units, heat pumps, compressors, boilers etc.

the Inertia base frame is manufactured from zinc rich coated steel with strong welded steel brackets to support the open spring anti-vibration mounts matched to suit the load of the mounted mass and concrete filled inertia base.

Steel weld mesh is integral part of the base to add strength to the concrete. Inertia bases are finish painted on the exterior faces also the weld mesh in protective painted.

Inertia Bases are designed on a 1.7 Ratio of base weight to reduce the mass centre of gravity, anti vibration mounts are selected to offer the correct deflection of the combined load of the mass and filled base, anti vibration mounts offered with the bases are 25mm deflection.


The inertia base frame to be laid in position on a sheet of plastic or roof felt.

Fill the frame with concrete. Tamp down the level and smooth the surface

Position the item to be isolated onto the concrete and bolt down securely.
Fit the anti-vibration mountings to the pre-drilled isolator brackets on the inertia base.

Using the anti-vibration mounting adjusting screw, jack up the inertia base to give the25mm ground clearance. Make sure the inertia base is level.
If pipework, electrical conduit/trunking, ductwork etc is fixed to items on the inertia base, make sure that they are adequately supported and flexibly isolated from rigidly positioned items external to the inertia base.