Carbon Filter Media

We supply a large range of activated carbon filter solutions.

Carbon Filter Media

Activated Carbon Filter Solutions

Can offer removal of the following -

  • Environmental nuisance odours and smells.
  • Gases and harmful particles.
  • Toxic or harmful gases.
  • Traffic/vehicle/aviation spent fuel emissions. 
  • Generation or engine emissions.

Various activated carbon and chemical filter media products can be offered to suit each requirement.

Activated Carbon

Is a porous black material made from, peat coal and coconut husks.

Oxidant filter medium

aluminium oxide is mixed with different binders and impregnated with potassium permanganate.


Some applications require a blend of activated carbon and oxidant media which produces a blend.

AHC - 2

This pellet extruded activated media has a normal grain size of 1mm to 3mm which offers a lower airflow resistance and higher absorption rate.

AHC - 3

A widely used activated carbon pellet, which is coal based and steam activated having a 3mm nominal grain size. this product is considered an all-round product.

AHC - 5050-V3-08

To remove a wide range of gases this product is recommended which removes both odour and hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (voc), formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides.

AHC - 7525-V3-08

This product is a blend of impregnated media developed to remove diesel and kerosene exhaust such as vehicles, trains, aviation etc. typical use of this product is fresh air intakes to buildings close to roads train lines and airports.

AHC - Black 10%

An impregnated media having a mixture of aluminium oxide and activated carbon. it is a specialised media to neutralise industrial gases such as: - hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2).

AHC - Purple 8%

Developed as a chemisorption media based on aluminium oxide, impregnated with 8% potassium permeate gases are removed from airstream and converted into solids that remain in the grain. This filter can be used as a secondary filter to a specialised high-capacity filter for a specific gas, the following gases can be removed: - hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Sulphur dioxide (SO2) Nitrogen oxide.

AHC - Superlite wood

Made from wood and steam activated this product has a low specific gravity and high absorption capacity with larger pores.

AHC - 4x6

This product is a bitumen based course grained activated carbon product and a lower priced harder than pelletised activated carbon product.

Carbon Filter System Products

We supply several types of carbon filter systems and filter enclosures. the product break down into the following categories:-

  1. Self-assembly carbon tray form filters for assembly into air handling units and ducted systems, fresh air plenums etc.
  2. Factory pre-assembled carbon tray foam filters with horizontal or vertical carbon trays.
  3. Tray from carbon filter module constructed from an anodised aluminium Penta post frame with 20mm/25mm/45mm insulated panels.

Filter Modules can incorporate other filtration stages such as: -

  • Panel Filters (disposable/washable) as a filter
  • Bag Filers as a secondary stage
  • HEPA Filters as a final stage
  • Ultra-violet light filtration system for bacteria, virus and grease filtration which can be a pre or after filter stage.
  1. Plenum can style carbon filter which acts like displacement ventilation device, the plenum cans could act in multiples when fitted to a purpose made holding frame. There are different plenum can sizes and types constructed from steel, stainless steel and plastic.
  2. Inline can style carbon filters are available to be fitted into ducted ventilation input/extract systems. There are different can sizes available manufactured in different materials.
  3. Plenum can style carbon filter modules are available to custom design and can contain various other filtration components.